Thursday, September 16, 2010

Celebrity Looks I Love


Everyday we are bombarded with celebrity photos and stories. At times I don't really care about what going on with them, but i do love looking at them. Number 1 on my list of "I'm sick of her, but can't get enough of her" Ms. Kimmy K. I cant stand how much publicity this girl gets for no reason, but i love me some Kim. Why? I don't know, I'm  fool I guess. I just love how versatile she is, and she is beautiful. Here are a few looks of my dear Kim, that i want to try.

Ms. Kardashian is absolutely stunning, and yes I'm not ashamed to say it " I'm a fan".

Next up Ms Beyonce, oops Mrs Beyonce Knowles Carter, OK we know why she's famous, and she does the damn thing, but OMG!! I think this women has enough pics on the net to last us for the next 60 yrs, but once again, I can't stop looking these pics. 98% of the time this girl is Flawless, and I love her drama. She's hardcore and not ashamed to flaunt what she has. Here are my top four Mrs.B looks:
I love when Beyonce is ultra glam, but has a glow to her. She's sexy, beautiful and can work just about anything. FYI Beyonce is absolutely beautiful with dark hair, she needs to use it more often. FABULOUS

This girl wakes up beautiful. This Island girl is an example of beauty out the box, without all the hoopla. When Rihanna stepped on the Scene with the longer hair, you didn't really notice her, but the what a difference a hair cut can make. We were able to see her beautiful face and was stunned by her beauty. She's not selling much albums these days, but her beauty is timeless.

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  1. c'est vrai qu'elles sont belles, ont toutes un petit quelque chose qui plait. Ma préférée est Beyonce.
    Très jolies photos