Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hey Guys,

Today while running errands, I ran across a female, with a not so good choice of Foundation. I know that many women still don't know the proper way to test foundation, but at some point you have to see the difference. Do you still wear it anyway? There is always the reliable jaw test, taking three foundations closest to your skin tone, put all three on your jawline and whichever one fades into the skin is your correct shade.

There are also many things that can through your judgement off, one especially being bad lighting. If you go to your local pharmacy or walmart, there are certain makeup brands that allows you to use a swatch to determine the best color for you. I know maybeline has it and it's pretty accurate. You can also do the inner arm test, and it clearly shows which color is best, the third from right.
What you don't want is to end up to light looking like a ghost or two dark. Foundation is to enhance your beauty, and even out your skin tone, not change your overall appearance.

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