Friday, September 3, 2010

The Lovely World Of "LASHES"

Lashes, Lashes, and More Lashes

It's labor day weekend, and with all the events this weekend, I'm looking to add a little spice. I usually wear lashes, but I'm looking for a bit more flare. I went to Sephora "My Favorite Store" and picked up three pairs of lashes, I don't know which one I'm going to wear, but all three has the drama, I'm looking for. The First is Makeup Forever Strip Lashes (very cat like)  $15.00, I absolutely love the flare on these. There very dramatic and sexy. The second is Urban Decay also $15.00, I love the thickness of these. They don't have the full amount of flare as the Makeup Forever, but there just as bold. Last but not least, the Illamasqua False eyelashes $18.00. I love these, there so different, but edgy. They actually have a tint of blue in them, so if I was to wear these, I would add a coat of blue mascara just to really make it pop.

Fake Eyelashes and Mascara are like peanut butter and jelly-alone there just fine, but when you put the two together, unbelievable magic happens.

Tip: When wearing fake lashes, always carry a little bit of adhesive and a toothpick with you. If the lash starts to come loose, hold the toothpick with the adhesive on it, onto the root of the lash, until it feels secure.

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