Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hello My beautiful Makeup Divas,

Fall is quickly approaching and I'm so excited. The change of the weather, and the beautiful colors that will be floating around on the trees, makes me giddy. Fall is my absolute favorite season, a cool crisp air, that allows you put on those sexy boots, cropped sweaters and jackets, that hugs every curve, and make you feel so sexy and luxurious.  Another part of fall that excites me is, the change of makeup.. Summer makeup is about, bright colors and a nice glow, but fall gives you the opportunity to soften up your look. The plums , red, and browns, it just brings warmth to the face. What I'm looking forward too this season is Finally trying the infamous "Red Lip". I have never, ever, ever worn red lipstick. I have always been very cautious of red, it just never made me shiver. I need the wow factor, in order for me to get into something.

Well The time has presented itself, I was in Sephora and Bam, there it was. Love at first sight, Makeup Forever Mufe Lipstick in Blue Red 205, $19.99.  I just kept looking at it, it was beautiful ,and i wanted it. I was still skeptical, but i said it's time QB, get that red lipstick.
I'm so happy with this pic, it's absolutely beautiful. I'm now open to anything red. I'm thinking this fall, I'm going to try different hues of red. In my hunt for red, I also found other great red lipsticks that stood out.  1. Sephora brand lip Attitude $ 12.00, absolutely beautiful, Dior Rouge replenishing lip color in red premiere 752 $29.00, and last but not least Nars lipstick in Fire down below and Shanghai Express $24.00.

So ladies get that tube of red lipstick. Remember to rock a sexy red lip, leave your makeup simple. Add some sexy lashes and set this look off. Enjoy

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